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Jan 2024

Team – Özgür Aydemir



Özgür Aydemir

Data Analyst

Currently working as a Data Analyst at the Economics of Mutuality headquarters in Geneva, Özgür is in charge of analyzing various data sets. This involves extracting key information on wellbeing of employees working in different sectors in order to complement the growth of businesses by focusing on social and human capital.

He has been studying and working abroad for more than 6 years and holds a double master’s degree in finance (France / Lyon) and in Management / Business Analysis (Switzerland / Lausanne).

Özgür has worked in several big companies in Turkey as a Financial Analyst in charge of realizing financial and strategic diagnostic, budget estimate, and editing a business plan.

He has also worked in the bank Crédit Immobilier de France in Lyon as a Back Office Employee where he was responsible for the verification of auxiliary accounts, controlling incoming, and outcoming flows.