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Jan 2024

Team – Jay Jakub



Jay Jakub

Chief of Staff, Economics of Mutuality; 
Executive Director, EoM Foundation

Jay has been working on the Economics of Mutuality (EoM) since the beginning, first as part of the leadership of the Mars, Inc. internal think tank ‘Catalyst’ from 2007-2020, then as the chief advocacy officer of the movement (2020-2022), and presently as EoM’s chief of staff and the EoM foundation director. He has been involved in developing and managing many of EoM’s external thought partnerships and education initiatives, including the flagship relationship with Oxford University’s Said Business School since 2014.  . 

Jay is the co-author (with Bruno Roche) of the first book on EoM, ‘Completing Capitalism:  Heal Business to Heal the World’ (Berrett-Koehler, 2017 & CITIC Press Beijing in Mandarin, 2018), and is a contributing co-author of ‘Putting Purpose into Practice:  The Economics of Mutuality’ (Oxford University Press, 2021). He is also the author of Spies and Saboteurs (Macmillan & St. Martin’s Press, 1999). Jay is a frequent international speaker on EoM, guest lecturing at leading universities, keynoting at conferences, forums, and other professional gatherings, appearing as a panelist, serving as a moderator, and overseeing the organizing of annual Oxford EoM forums, the 7th of which was in February 2023.

An American based in the Washington, DC area, Jay’s doctorate is from Oxford University (St. John’s College); his M.A. is from the University of Lancaster; and his B.A. is from American University. He is married to Eleni and has two children.