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Jan 2024

Team – Cyril Hetzel



Cyril Hetzel

Chief Financial Officer;
Chief Administrative Officer

Cyril joined the Economics of Mutuality team in 2021 to manage the people, finance, commercial, and legal underpinnings of the platform.

Before joining, Cyril had several leadership positions in Finance, Operations and Sustainability in multinational companies. He managed various teams of internal and external stakeholders, building trust and engagement with people beyond organizational borders.

In particular, he managed the involvement of Mars, Inc. in the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming, an initiative to secure thriving livelihoods for smallholder farmers’ communities across supply chains.

Cyril holds a Master in Management from ESCP Europe in Paris and a Master in Finance & Accounting. He is French and based in Strasbourg, France, siege of the European Parliament.