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Jan 2024

Royal Canin 11


Healing a Pain Point in the Ecosystem


Identifying a Problem

The Economics of Mutuality team worked with Royal Canin to map their ecosystem and identify key pain points. One significant issue that emerged was online retailers undercutting veterinarian’s prices for Royal Canin products. This eroded trust between veterinarians and pet owners, as well as between veterinarians and Royal Canin.


Developing an Innovative Solution

Rather than letting competition from online retailers undermine stakeholder relationships, in 2019, Royal Canin launched Individualis — a custom nutraceutical product for pets. Veterinarians prescribe specialized food tailored to the needs of individual pets, which Royal Canin manufactures and sells directly through veterinary practices.


Creating Mutual Benefits

In creating Individualis, Royal Canin identified and quantified social capital problems that were external to its business, yet integral to its success. The codification of these breakdowns allowed for prioritization and funding of the development of Individualis, not only as a product innovation, but as a way to address ecosystem tensions.