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The Economics of Mutuality management innovation empowers organizations across the private, public, and social sectors to trigger systemic change for an economy of purpose and prosperity that is performant for society and preserves the environment.

Change That Makes a Difference

After 15 years of development in business and academia, the EoM Solutions team has designed an innovative methodology and consultancy capability to empower organizations to be purpose-centric in a wide range of business ecosystems — from low-income communities at the base of the pyramid to premium businesses operating in affluent markets.

Harnessing a diversity of exceptional talents joining us from different walks of life, we are committed to nurturing collective intelligence to achieve the highest standard of creativity and excellence to help your organization turn its ambition into reality.

The partnership we establish with your organization will be specific to your setup and ecosystem. We will supply intensive support from dedicated Economics of Mutuality experts in strategy, design, facilitation, fieldwork, data collection, analysis and training.


“The Economics of Mutuality encourages us to build awareness of how our actions impact communities and the environment. It challenges our creativity and commitment to develop robust and virtuous business models. We acquire wisdom as we better understand the interdependence of things and nurture sustained ecosystems.”

Gim Huay Neo (梁锦慧)
Head of World Economic Forum’s Centre for Nature and Climate


Our Unique Methodology

The Economics of Mutuality methodology consists of 4 phases that can be applied iteratively to unlock innovation, value creation, and impact:

1. Frame Your Purpose
Engage purpose as a key driver of strategy and growth at the heart of your business

2. Map the Ecosystem
Establish robust links between the health of the ecosystem and your business performance

3. Design Interventions
Address ecosystem breakdowns to deliver purpose-led business model solutions

4. Manage Performance
Use the right metrics to track performance and impact across multiple capitals

Watch: ‘Enacting Purpose in Organizations’, a webinar from the launch of our 2021 Oxford University Press book Putting Purpose into Practice: The Economics of Mutuality

Committing to Transformation at the Core

We work with organizations that are seeking to improve their business performance by solving meaningful societal and environmental challenges; not those merely wanting to prove their impact. Our methodology is best suited to businesses who want to achieve their purpose and enhance their impact on people and planet.


“Like the dieter who would rather do anything to lose weight than actually eat less, this business elite would save the world through social-impact investing, entrepreneurship, sustainable capitalism, philanthro-capitalism, artificial intelligence, market-driven solutions. They would fund a million of these buzzwordy programs rather than fundamentally question the rules of the game — or even alter their own behavior to reduce the harm of the existing distorted, inefficient and unfair rules.”

Joseph Stiglitz
Nobel Prize-winning economist


Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss how we could help your organization to implement the Economics of Mutuality through a specific tailored consulting project or a comprehensive end-to-end purpose transformation, please fill out the enquiry form.